"His eyes, his voice … All this makes me feel attached to you, I wonder you otherwise never liked the result, I love you the way you are. Nothing makes me love you more than you … I just want your smile, I want to be the only reason for it. But this is impossible, because even I always say what I feel, you feel the same for someone else. That hurt more than a stab in the middle of the heart. Pain is good, because with her I learned to be strong, and try to fight this love sickness. But even if I drink all doses of this excruciating pain, does nothing to spend my love for you."

I need to stop it fast!

I was there watching you intently, fixing my mind every detail of yours, and realized that you smile with your eyes and your breathing quickens when I get close and if you want to know more … I think I fell in love, the fact you smile like an angel, or that her eyes remind me calm and serenity of the sun, or the peace that your voice brings me, maybe I’m really in love … I need to stop it!